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Sad in Crate

The crate in is the family room so is it okay for him to snuggle with us while we watch TV?  If we put him in the crate he seems so sad since he can see us.

We want the crate to be a place that he is comfortable sleeping, or playing when you are not available. Having the crate in a frequently used room is going to make it more difficult, consider moving it.
Letting him snuggle beside you or sleep in your lap is great as long as you have the opportunity to pick him up and get him to the designated elimination area quickly. The point is for you to have quick access to him when he is not in the crate.

Using the Palace when you are home

How do we use the palace when we are home?  Do we leave the door open, does he have free run of the house?

Great question!  For the first week or two the puppy should be in his crate, door closed if he is not actively engaged with your family.  After this initial period you can go to using a small room (bathroom) or an attached play pen with the door left open.  Many people try to go from the confined space of the cage to free run of the house and usually get frustrated with the accidents.  Your puppy has to learn what you expect and how to comply.  As he approaches 12-14 weeks of age and control over elimination is improving then free run can work.  If you are to have him away from the crate you can also take the pad and tray with you. 

Tearing up Pad

My puppy is tearing up his pad during the night.

This is an indication that he is bored with his situation at night.  There are some things you can try now and a solution you may be able to employ soon.  If you can pinpoint whether this is shortly after putting him in or if it is before you return to let him out might help in trying to eliminate it.  Be sure he has plenty of activity prior to retiring, and include a couple indestructible toys  such as Starmark Everlasting Treat,  Kong Quest or Traxx,  Nylabone Romp n Chomp or processed bones or antlers (Blue Buffalo).  Using spray chew deterrents is helpful for some pups as long as it does not discourage use of the pad for elimination.  If he is using his pad well for elimination you can add a collapsable play pen to enlarge his area and give him another place to go thereby reducing boredom.  Many times it is best to have a second tray and pad in the pen to make it easier to maintain the pad training idea.

It seems that he is doing this around 4 am.  Should I try the toys you suggested?

The only choices you have for the middle of the night tantrum would be to try the toys or get him out and have a play period which has its own set of problems both for you and his training.  The toys I suggested are all "interactive" in that they have stored treats that take time and effort on his part to resolve.  They are all good, the Starmark Fireplug worked well for my puppy.