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    • How much does it cost? Does it come in different sizes?

      The PupPeePooPalace is available in different sizes, colors and the price ranges from $59.95 to $159.95 depending on the kit components. Visit to see all options and also take a look at the Accessories we have available.

    • What type of crate works best?

      Midwest Icrates are the crate that we used in designing the loft. If you have a crate that is slightly wider, as is the case with some multiple door crates we can supply you with extensions.

    • How do I transition my puppy from the Palace to going outside to potty?

      Start by taking her outside as often as you can and especially after eating, drinking, playing or sleeping. Moving the Palace near the outside door allows you to spot when your puppy is going to his crate and then take him outside. Once your puppy is older you can also use the Palace in conjunction with a doggy door

    • What type of training comes with the PupPeePooPalace?

      There are multiple videos beginning with "Why it Works" and "Setting Up the Palace" and including basic instructional videos on training. But the most useful information comes from the 30 day free membership to This allows you to ask specific questions anytime you like related to using the Palace to help potty train your puppy and also any questions about general health and wellness care.

    • We would like to get two puppies at the same time, should we get them separate palaces or one bigger one?

      Personally I feel the puppies would adapt quicker by being able to keep each other occupied and having a sleep buddy in one crate. I have heard from clients that they have seen information suggesting that the puppies can be together too much but that doesn't make much sense to me. Just like kids if they have had enough they can find some private space somehow.