Puppies love to tear up pee pads. Our specially designed, patented stainless steel spring clips hold the pad securely in place and still allow the tray to slide out easily.
Picture of Food/Water Bowl

Food/Water Bowl

Stainless steel bowl mounts securely to cage reducing spills and wasted food.
Picture of Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Cage mounted water bottle is a must for keeping your puppy's cage dry. Super Pet's spring mounted ball tip resists drips.
Picture of Palace Canopy

Palace Canopy

Our attractive cage cover is a must for efficient crate training. Close the Palace Canopy to signify bedtime and discourage annoying whining and barking. Easily slips over top of cage creating a relaxed, cozy environment that reduces stress and promotes healthy, sound sleep.
Picture of Crate


Keep your dogs safe and secure with iCrate Single Door Folding Dog Crate.
Picture of Snuggle Pal

Snuggle Pal

Use the Puppy Snuggle Pal to provide warmth and comfort for your pup. Simply microwave this toy and place with your puppy when ready for bed, or any other time he needs comfort.
Picture of Custom Fit Pads

Custom Fit Pads

For Puppies & Stay-At-Home Dogs. Absorbent, disposable pads simplify the housebreaking process. Used with our tray clips these pads cover entire tray precisely to allow easy tray removal and rotation, doubling pad life! 20 PADS INCLUDED Available in three sizes for exact fit of 24" 30" and 36" tray
From $10.95


Replacement pans for your favorite I-Crate Cage Make it easy to clean up after your pets in case of accidents Made of black durable composite plastic
Picture of Pup Pee Poo Pen

Pup Pee Poo Pen

Give your puppies the freedom to safely move and play, whether home alone or outdoors, with the MidWest® Exercise Pen. The preferred choice among dog show professionals, these eight-panel pens are made of sturdy heavy-gauge wire. Easy to set up (no tools required)
Picture of Snuggle Blanket

Snuggle Blanket

Every Puppy Loves a Warm Cuddly Blanket! The Pup Pee Poo Blanket connects to the wire cage with a clip so that it is always on the bed...this encourages the puppy to sleep and play on its loft and not on its pad!
Picture of Wire Cage Loft

Wire Cage Loft

Every puppy loves to to get up on things. The Patented PUP PEE POO PALACE LOFT is the pet industry's only elevated bed system providing a comfortable, safe spot for happy play and sound sleep.