waking up a night

I have a teacup yorkie at 12 weeks weighed 15.7 oz. at 15 weeks she is now 18 oz. She wakes me about every 2.5 hours to eat (minced chicken). Should I let her continue to wake me and for how long? I feel like I am being trained. =] p.s. She has the Poo Palace

I just placed my puppy in her crate got bed and she actually pooped on the bed. Was that because she is upset to go into her crate?? I didn't think she would potty on the bed.

I don't think that she pooped on the loft has to have a reason especially if it is an isolated event.  If training her to potty on the pad is the goal she at least was near it.  One solution that usually works is to move the bed to the back of the cage.  Also at her age using a small pen attached to the cage with a second tray and pad near, but outside the palace can also help.  So far as waking you up frequently you are right- she is training you.  At her age it would be a good idea to start moving toward predominantly puppy food instead of chicken and to gradually start to space those feeding out more.  If she eats before retiring you can feel comfortable with one overnight feeding or leave some kibble in her bowl for snacking (this is assuming you have her eating kibble instead of chicken during the day.)